About me

Hey there,

My name is Wojciech. There are not many people who can pronounce it – so feel free to find your way ;). As you can imagine I’m not a native speaker so do not get confused by some misspels in my articles.

Freelance Project Manager

I`m project management professional with quite a few years of experience managing IT projects for clients form all over the world – from US, Europe, Asia, Middle East and at some stage I decided to share my knowledge by creating this blog. More about me you can find at my Linkedin profile.

Well – nothing new – there are thousands of sites declaring the same, moreover most of them is bigger and provides bunch of very wise stuff. 

My idea is slightly different – during this 10+ years of my IT project management journey, I realized that I’m not using 90% of knowledge I’ve gained at very expensive project management courses, reading books or management blogs. Of course it’s good to have the certificates, it’s good to know the theory, but in practice you barely use any of those fancy colorfull charts you’ve seen, you don’t get into sophisticated planning methods and so on. You just try to make your project successful.

So the aim of this blog is to provide you with practical knowledge – what really happens on the project, what are my observations over entire project management environment. So you’ll find here live cases, my considerations about various PM-related topics, also information about project management theory – but with my personal comments. But not only – my especially beloved topic, very helpfull in many cases – intercultural management.

Who can benefit from my articles? Not the one who needs theoretical, book knowledge – as I mentioned – there are way better sources. My intention is to give a hand to those who are just planning to become project managers, for those who became, but faced the reality. Last but not least – to the business managers engaging PMs, deciding over tools and methods, wondering why their project collapsed 2, 5 or 10 times in a row.

Don’t be shy – comments, suggestions always appreciated!